Sunday, September 03, 2006

Goodbye Andre!

Thanks for the memories!

Here is an excerpt from SI today...

Reflections on Andre
Agassi a great tennis player ... and a regular guy

THE LOCKER ROOM SUPERVISOR: "I've been in the men's locker room here for the past 23 years," says Carl Munnerlyn, the locker room supervisor at the U.S. Open. "Andre Agassi's style in the locker room is very loose. He'll speak to just about anybody. If you're a person even he's not particular close with but he knows you, he'll have a conversation with you. He's a nice guy. First-class all the way. When I see young players come in, I see them stare at him. They respect him by the way they look at him. I'm not going to say it's awe, but they acknowledge his stardom and how he goes about his business. His locker here is No. 238. I gave him that locker. It's not so much the number but the area he likes. He got here last Saturday and we kind of looked at each other. I said, 'You want the same locker, Andre?' He said, 'Yeah, you know the drill.' And I do know the drill."


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