Sunday, September 24, 2006

US report says Iraq fuels terror

Anybody surprised by this? Apparently we have given up a ton of our freedoms here AND AT THE SAME TIME fueled radicalism around the world. Good job Bush!

The New York Times newspaper has published what it says are the findings of a classified US intelligence paper on the effects of the Iraq war.
The document reportedly blames the conflict for increasing the threat of terrorism and helping fuel Islamic radicalism worldwide.

Such a conclusion is at odds with the White House's persistent claim that going to war has made the world safer.

The paper has not seen the report, but spoke to people familiar with it.

The BBC's defence correspondent Rob Watson says this is not the first time the US intelligence community has said that the war in Iraq has made the problem of Islamist extremism worse.
Indeed it had warned that might happen even before the US-led invasion.


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