Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I am anxious to see what Jon Stewart does to this asshole on TDS tonight....

By Tom Paxton

John Ashcroft went to meet the press,/He faced the microphones.
His heart was full of righteousness/His voice like God's trombones.
But then he saw the statue that was set behind him there.
She was 'The Spirit of Justice'/Yes, but one of her breasts was bare.
John Ashcroft looked with horror at this gleaming marble globe.
It thrust itself upon him
From a loosely falling robe.
It was so hard to concentrate on those he there accused
With that marble breast behind him,/Poor John Ashcroft got confused.
Each time he saw that marble breast the poor man was appalled,
He quickly gave the order/And a curtain was installed.
Now when he makes a statement/You can see him on the tube
He has curtained off the statue
But you'll still see one big boob.


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