Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bush Focused On Gas Prices But Has No Idea How Much It Will Soon Cost

It's a tough job being the president. The amount of information relevant to running a country of our size is daunting. So when President Bush says that he's unaware that gas could hit $4 a gallon this spring, despite all the news coverage about the issue, we'll cut him some slack. He probably hasn't filled up a car in years. It's just funny that a few minutes later he can't answer a question about funding for his presidential library because he's "focused elsewhere, like on gasoline prices..." Once again, as someone who spent more than a decade in the oil industry and was governor of the state that's home to the country's energy industry he can't be expected to know the price could go up.

Awhile back I figured that Bush could not get any stupider...I now find myself forced to reconsider!


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