Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well, If The Democrats Won't Do It.....

ACLU and others are suing the government -- in multiple suits! -- over the new spy bill that "legalizes" warrantless bulk surveillance and immunizes the telcos from civil prosecution for their past bad deeds in cooperating with the President in wiretapping the whole nation.
The ACLU contends those blanket powers to grab international communications of Americans without specific court orders violate the Fourth Amendment and would stymie journalists who often speak to confidential sources outside the country.
Plaintiff Naomi Klein, the liberal columnist and author, said the surveillance would compromise her writing about international issues.
"If the U.S. government is given unchecked surveillance power to monitor reporters' confidential sources, my ability to do this work will be seriously compromised," Klein said.

Talk about things that would make the founding fathers spin in their graves...try telling them that we (including the Democratic congress) have eroded the 4th amendment down to just about nothing at the request of our lunatic president!


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