Monday, October 20, 2008

And I guess I might as well toss in my latest letter...

Dear Editor:
I have had scores of letters published in the Bee over the last quarter century. However, more recently, it is getting harder to see my submissions actually show up on your pages.
One reason for this is of course the growing population of letter writers as Fresno expands. Another reason though is your tendency to waste paper and ink on people only casually acquainted with reality.
The most recent example would be the letter of Stanley Bridges wherein he blames gay marriage for forest fires, drought, the economic meltdown, and even the state budget fiasco. People with reasoning like this would be more at home in colonial Massachusetts accusing people of witchcraft. How many cogent letters end up in the round file because you give scarce page space to kooky ideas such as this? What point is served, except to scare the rest of us with the realization that people like Mr. Bridges will actually be allowed to vote on election day?

Jeffrey W. Eisinger


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