Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad Time To Be An Albino

At least this is one problem we don't seem to have in the U.S. (yet)....

Witchdoctors in Tanzania are defying a government ban announced on Friday, intended to stop the killings of people with albinism for ritual medicine. The killers reportedly sell albino body parts - including limbs, hair, skin and genitals - to witchdoctors. Arusha-based herbalist Haruna Kifimbo told the Citizen newspaper: "We have so many patients and clients who depend on us," he told the Citizen. "I believe it would have been better if the PM had consulted us before announcing the ban."

In the most recent case last Wednesday an albino man - named as Jonas Maduka - was killed in Sogoso village in the north-western Mwanza region.
He was reportedly eating dinner at home when some people called and asked for his help.
When he went outside he was strangled, before his assailants chopped off his leg and made away with the limb.


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Hey Jeff,
Have you checked out Pharyngula? That guy is brutal! He smacks fundies quite well!


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