Saturday, April 25, 2009

Democrats Fiddled As Bush Tortured

And the difference between these two parties is what again?????

Democratic complicity in Bush's torture regimen

The Washington Post reports today that the Bush administration, beginning in 2002, repeatedly briefed leading Congressional Democrats on the Senate and House Intelligence Committees -- including, at various times, Jay Rockefeller, Nancy Pelosi, and Jane Harman -- regarding the CIA's "enhanced interrogation methods," including details about waterboarding and other torture measures. With one exception (Harman, who vaguely claims to have sent a letter to the CIA), these lawmakers not only failed to object to these policies, but affirmatively supported them.


At 9:55 PM, Blogger Chris said...

First let me say that it is great to see you are still pondering the big questions that plague our society today teach. And that I never got the chance to thak you for making your class so interesting. As far as to the methods used in the interagation of those held at Guantonimo Bay. Well I must be honest and say, I am trully on the fence. And this does bother me. How can we fight an unconventional war with humanitairian ethics and find victory? Really, whats the point of sending our young men and wemon into harms way, if we are not going to do everything in our power to insure their victory

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Jeff said...

Which Chris is this???

As to the issue of torture, you need to bear in mind that most people who have done interrogations will tell you that harsh methods to not lead to more truthful responses. And remember that our treatment of captives will set the standard for how our own troops will be treated when they are captured.


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