Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Letter Makes The Bee

And even the comments that people posted on the Bee's website were generally positive!

The city of Fresno may be within the law in seeking injunctions against marijuana dispensaries [story Sept. 5]. However, the city is out of step with popular opinion. California law permits medical marijuana use, and the federal government has stopped raiding medical marijuana dispensaries that comply with state law. What part of this is so hard for our mayor to understand?

In a time of budget constraints, why is the city wasting tax dollars on this folly? Does the mayor have any evidence that these dispensaries are anywhere close to the nuisance posed by the liquor stores that populate almost every intersection in Fresno? People are being helped by medical marijuana with no apparent downside. Why does Fresno keep marching backward toward prohibition when the rest of the country is moving forward?

Jeffrey W. Eisinger



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