Monday, December 07, 2009

My Letter To The Bee (That Did Not Get Printed)

Well, since the Bee did not see fit to print my letter, I guess the world can read it here.....

Dear Editor:
When I finished reading the recent editorial by Matthew Spalding, I did some research on his employer, The Heritage Foundation. Once I had an understanding of it's agenda, it all fell into place. Contrary to his claims, he is not as interested in the original intent of the founders of our country, as he is in twisting the constitution to suit his own political agenda.
Spalding takes the well-traveled, diversionary road of blaming university professors and elites for what he sees as our straying from the original intent of Jefferson and others. I think his definition of "elites" is other affluent, white men like himself who happen to disagree with him politically. And, in the style of Faux Newz, he makes the baseless claim that many regard the constitution as obsolete. Who are these "many"? I have yet to meet anyone who takes this position.
Hidden within the three long columns of print is one small paragraph that distills what he sees as the real threat to our country: too much domestic spending and not enough defense spending.
The fact is that a document written in the 1700's could not have specified how to deal with the problems of the 21st century. Interpretation is required to apply the constitution to issues like segregation, reproductive rights, and more. Spalding just wants to be the one doing the interpreting.

Jeffrey W. Eisinger


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