Friday, December 29, 2006

Iraq Study Group Mulled Year-Old Spam

Well, maybe the president is right to ignore the "findings" of the ISG if this is the way they came to their conclusions.....

Over at the National Review's blog, The Corner, Cliff May apologizes for posting a year-old anonyous forwarded email as news. May, let's note, was an adviser to the James Baker-led Iraq Study Group.

In his defense, May says it was shared with him by another adviser to the ISG, a U.S. ambassador. All the ISG experts, May explains, "[are] on a list-serve where we circulate what we view as significant articles and argue over them." May says the ambassador had forwarded the year-old anonymous e-mail to the list.

That's right. An expert advising the ISG shared a year-old anonymous chain e-mail with the group. And the group apparently argued over it.


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