Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fresno Tennis Great Sounds Off!

Here is Alan's letter from yesterday's Bee....

Recently Sen. John McCain visited Iraq along with Rep. Mike Pence. After the visit, Sen. McCain remarked that the good news in Iraq was not being reported and that the surge is proving fruitful.
As evidence, Sen. McCain said he was able to drive through Baghdad and visit an open-air market where he shopped -- albeit wearing a flak jacket, escorted by more than 100 soldiers, a couple of helicopter gun ships and armored vehicles. Rep. Pence commented that it was like being in an open-air market in Indiana. Really?
We already have our answer on how well a surge will work. Since the surge, attacks have escalated. The Iraqi parliament was attacked Thursday. Are supporters of the surge as delusional as Sen. McCain and Rep. Pence?
Sen. McCain says give the surge a chance. Haven't we been giving it a chance for the past four years? Republicans say that specifying a withdrawal date will only embolden our enemies, and they will just wait for our defeat. In the past four years, with no withdrawal set, have they been less bold? If we stay, do we think they will give up? You only have to look at the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
Alan Cheah


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