Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Daily Show Explains How to Become a "Loyal Bushie"

The term "loyal Bushie" recently turned up in discussions surrounding the White House Attorneygate scandal. In the video clip below, Jon Stewart talks with Daily Show reporter Rob Riggle, who defines the term and details the different types of "Bushies".
There are several ways to become a 'loyal Bushie. The first is emerging through Barbara Bush's vagina," jokes Riggle. "Obviously, that's the road less traveled." ' Stewart also poked fun at the more than 3,000 emails released by the Justice Department in relation to the firings, by quoting from mock versions.
One mock email read, "Let's fire U.S. attorneys for purely political reasons and make sure we keep all the emails. PS: I am cheating on my wife with an underage boy. PPS: Seriously, Don't delete this."


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