Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Continues in Bush Tradition

Just what we need, another Republican joker who thinks war is the best solution to all problems, even though he worked the system to avoid the opportunity to shoot and be shot at when he had the chance.

Giuliani had been in an ROTC unit until he failed a physical. In 1968 he sought unsuccessfully to get a deferment but a year later the federal judge he was working for, Lloyd MacMahon wrote a letter to the draft board and got him an occupational deferment. As Jimmy Breslin put it, "MacMahon's letter to Giuliani's draft board state that Giuliani was so necessary as a law clerk that he could not be allowed to get shot at in Vietnam." UPI later noted, "The special draft status came in a year in which more than 14,500 American servicemen lost their lives in Vietnam.


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