Friday, June 08, 2007

Fresno Tennis Legend Speaks Out in Bee

Alan is right on in his letter to the Bee, although he neglected to mention the obvious benefits of solar showers!

Think battery-powered automobiles and breathe easy.

What a great idea. No more high gas prices to worry about. No long lines to contend with at the pump either. And, let's not forget that electric-powered vehicles emit no air pollution ... zero ... zilch. Sounds like a winner for our Valley since more than 50% of our air pollution comes from cars and trucks.

Envision solar panels on your roof, collecting sunlight to supply electric power to your home and/or business and to recharge your battery for your car or truck.

Think, too, about the positive influence on geo-political decisions. No more wars in the Middle East and elsewhere to get oil. Wow -- what a concept. Kinda makes one wonder why this idea hasn't taken off.

Just think too, how Ford, Chrysler and GM could benefit. Here are three giant employers in the U.S., struggling to stay in business. All they need to do is start making cars and trucks that help people save money, clean up the environment, expand their businesses, put more people back to work and possibly end war. What a great idea.

Alan Coles



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