Saturday, November 17, 2007

Radanovich Can Still Be Counted On To NOT Tell the Whole Truth Or Anything Close To It

Here is my letter from today's Fresno Bee.....

'Quick to blame'

You gave considerable space to Rep. George Radanovich to moan and whine about how Democrats are supposedly to blame for his failure to get legislation enacted to settle the long-running dispute between many parties regarding the San Joaquin River. While posing as someone who would never stoop to engage in partisan politics, Rep. Radanovich is quick to blame Democrats for the fact that his legislation has not become law.

What's interesting is that Rep. Radanovich claims to have been working on this issue for almost two years. If that is true, why then was he unable to get the legislation enacted by the last Congress? My recollection is that the Republicans controlled both houses from early 2005 through 2006. Something is missing from his slanted version of this story.

Given that Rep. Radanovich broke his promise to constituents that he would limit his time in Congress, I guess nothing that comes out of his mouth should surprise anyone. Nevertheless, it is tiresome to hear him incessantly cry about partisanship when it is really the only skill he appears to have mastered in Washington after so many years.

Jeffrey W. Eisinger, Fresno


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