Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Giant Comes to Fresno

Even though she towered over me, I mean that Elizabeth Kucinich was a giant in terms of her humanity as she talked about the desire that she shares with her husband to make the U.S. a county that again is viewed as caring about the downtrodden and oppressed wherever they may be. In just the few moments she had to speak at the Reedley Peace Center last night, she spoke elequently about the need for universal health coverage in America, the need to extract ourselves from NAFTA and the WTO so as to promote fair trade rather than free trade, and the sadness they experienced when viewing the graves of Palestinian victims of Israeli bombing which the U.S. supported.
It is just too bad that their campaign is so quixotic as Dennis remains mired in the cesspool of the other Democratic contenders who are all basically Republican-lite.


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