Monday, December 24, 2007

The Time Is Now

Alan, per usual, is right on the button in his letter in today's Bee. The time is NOW!

Electric battery-powered cars are in the near future. It just makes sense for our Valley because of air pollution. Plus, there will be new manufacturing jobs to build these cars and trucks, cleaner water, improved health for everyone and huge fiscal savings for the state's taxpayers.

No more $3-plus per gallon gas, not to mention lines at the gas pump to fill up. Just plug your car in at night, and use it the next day.

The major auto companies already have prototypes in the works, but there are also smaller companies, such as ZAP motors, Tesla motors and Phoenix Motor Cars, just to mention a few, that have cars and trucks in development.

We can make our Valley air cleaner by supporting and investing in alternative energy, like solar and wind power, and the companies that develop electric batteries and battery-powered cars and trucks. It's just a matter of time, and the time is now.

Alan Coles



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