Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't Worry, The Bee Will Pick An Acceptable Candidate For You

Well, the Bee got around to printing my letter today. Guess I should have been a little more patient.
Anyway, the point here is that the media feel it is their duty to de-select candidates who THEY think are not viable, and in this case the Bee de-selected Dennis Kucinich just because the Bee does not considerable him viable...just as he has been de-selected from debates around the country. However, the Bee had room to profile the views of Fred Thompson, but does anyone who has paid attention actually think he has a snowball's chance? Some other agenda is being pushed here....and it is that the Bee, as part of the corporate establishment, is not prepared for the kind of change that Kucinich would bring to our country.
Again, here is the letter as it appears in today's Bee....

Disservice to readers

I scanned your full-page article [Jan. 16] on where the Democratic and Republican candidates stand on the issues. What I found troublesome was that your list of candidates was incomplete.

I did not see anywhere the positions of Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul. True, these candidates have not yet won a primary, but neither have John Edwards, Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani, and yet you had plenty of space for them. It is true that Kucinich and Paul have not polled very well. But again, neither have Thompson or Giuliani in large parts of the country.

Your page appears to be another unfortunate example of the media informing the public as to which candidates are acceptable, and conversely, which are not. If your intention was to list "The Top Eight Candidates According to X" with "X" being campaign contributions, age, weight or whatever, then you should have labeled your article as such. To do otherwise was a disservice to your readers.

Jeffrey W. Eisinger



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