Monday, January 21, 2008

Elizabeth Kucinich Comes to Fresno Again

Last night my wife and I had the privilege of hearing Mrs. Kucinich speak on behalf of her husband, Dennis (Rep-OH). Dennis is campaigning for president, which some of you may not know, given the degree that media outlets such as MSNBC and the Fresno Bee have excluded him from coverage and debates.

Elizabeth held the overflow crowd in her hand last night as she spoke for over an hour about her husband, his campaign and their joint goal of waking up enough Americans to their birthright so as to eventually make a transforming difference in this country.

At one point she wept openly when told that a homeless, wheelchair-bound woman she had met at Roeding Park on her last visit here just two months ago had died only three weeks later. She said the incident had made her feel helpless, but some in the crowd who apparently had known the woman said that Elizabeth's visit had meant "everything" to the woman. [Question: Have any other candidates or their wives come to Fresno and met with the homeless, rather than those with fat wallets living behind gates and walls in north Fresno?]

It was a great experience to hear Mrs. Kucinich share the vision that she and Dennis hold for this country. Listening to her puts you under some kind of spell so as to believe that their quixotic quest could somehow become a reality...and to even want to help.

Today Elizabeth will be taking part in Fresno's Martin Luther King, Jr. walk. Join her if you can!


At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Alan Cheah said...

I, too, was very impressed with how articulate and genuinely compassionate she was. My first impression was that she could be America's Princess Diana. She certainly is First Lady material. It's sad that those who would be best for the country are always marginalized. Don't give up. There's 2012. Today, I heard Dennis is dropping out of the race. I'm going to contribute money to his Congressional campaign. We need to keep someone like that in office even if he doesn't represent our district.


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