Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Newsflash: God Does Not Cause Tornados!!!

I am a little sorry for focusing so much on this nutcase Huckabee lately. However, when there is so much juicy stuff out now about his lunacy it is hard to stop....

Five days after the tornado tore through the Arkadelphia, Arkansas, the city of 10,000 lay in ruins. The cyclone destroyed an office building, a bank, a pharmacy and 70 other businesses. The electricity was out. The National Guard patrolled the streets. Six people were dead.

In Little Rock, GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee was reviewing a disaster insurance measure that he intended to support when he become troubled: The bill, drawing on centuries-old legal terminology, referred to natural disasters as "acts of God."So, because he could not fathom his God wreaking such senseless destruction upon the world, Huckabee held up the measure for three more weeks, imploring lawmakers to change the apparently contentious wording from "acts of God" to "natural disasters."

Well, hopefully it won't be much longer before Huckabee vanishes from the political landscape. The only problem is that all of the other Republican candidates seem just as wacky!


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