Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baloney in the Bee

Here is my letter submitted to the Bee in response to the big waste of ink used to print Christopher Tasy's guest column yesterday......

Dear Editor:
Christoper Tasy's recent guest column is filled with such inaccuracies, misrepresentations and false premises as to render it more comedy sketch material than serious commentary.
Outright fabrications such as the claim that the pope has been the world's moral conscience are simply laughable. One need only look back to the pope's inaction during WWII to see the moral vacuum that exists at the Vatican. Ghandi was a much better moral example to the world than many popes have been.
Tasy also downplays the Catholic child abuse scandal by claiming that the accused were less than 1% of the total priesthood. What he conveniently ignores is that the real issue was the cover-up by church leaders which allowed the abuse to continue unchecked in too many cases.
The column goes on to assert that there are no legitimate ethical or moral arguments for abortion, birth control, homosexuals or women priests. Most thoughtful people would have to say there are arguments on both sides of all of these issues.
Finally, Tasy compares Americans to children, with the Catholic church as our parent. What a crock! It is time for thinking people of all countries to move past the mental enslavement and real harm that Catholicism and other religious fictions have brought us to.

Jeffrey W. Eisinger


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