Saturday, November 22, 2008

Well, here is another letter the Bee could not find room to squeeze in...

Dear Editor:
I almost fell out of my chair at breakfast laughing so hard over your article about Republicans moving to Canada out of fear of what our new president will do the country. I seriously doubt that this is anything other than more whining by sore a five year old threatening to run away from home. While your article was able to cite several people who had actually left the country during the Cheney/Bush administration because of fear, disgust or embarrassment, I doubt a similar article four years from now will be able to find even one person who actually packed up and moved north because of President Obama.
Are we to seriously believe that Republicans supposedly so afraid of socialism would actually move to an even more socialistic environment where they can sign up for the universal health care they allegedly are so in dread of? Or, that they are ready to embrace a tax system much more redistributive than our own? Such a scenario is actually better suited to a Saturday Night Live skit. Again, thanks for the laugh!

Jeffrey W. Eisinger


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