Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Assholes Stole Our "No on 8" Sign Last Night

Marge heard a noise out front around 1:30 this morning and then a car driving off in a hurry. When I got up later to go out and get the paper, our "No on 8" sign was gone. As we live on a quiet street, traveled mostly by the people who live on it, we were probably victimized by one of our neighbors...probably one of owners of the many "Yes on 8" signs that pollute our street with the message of hate dressed up as Christian love.

While I am sure this type of vandalism goes on with people of all political persuasions, it sure seems to me, from news reports, etc., that it is mostly done by people supporting conservative causes. I suppose that they are under some delusion that stealing is what Jesus would do.

This type of behavior illustrates the one core truth of social conservatives: they simply cannot resist meddling in other people's lives! If they believe in slavery, they happily use the bible to compel everyone to accept it. If they don't believe in interracial marriage, they of course use the bible to justify keeping anyone else from doing it. If they do not believe in abortion, they use the bible to keep anyone else from getting one, regardless of the circumstance. If they would not marry someone of their own gender, they use the bible to justify outlawing gay marriage for everyone. If they do not believe in evolution, they use the bible to pressure schools to teach "creation science" to everyone. If they don't believe in drinking alcohol, they use the bible to justify changing the constitution so nobody can drink it.

Anybody see that the Islamic fundamentalists we are supposed to be so afraid of do the same damn thing??

Well, if the dipshit who stole our sign can read, I would like him/her to know that their act of theft will simply result in more money for the "No on 8" campaign, as I am going to go down to the "No on 8" headquarters and pay for another sign. I guess the joke is on you, scumbag!


At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is terrible that someone took your sign. I have to ask you how many people have received threats of murder on each side of this issue? People who supported Prop. 8 are being threatened and attacked in many ways. Express some disgust about no on 8 vandalism of churches and I can better support your anger over the theft of your sign.


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