Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama Continues To Pour Troops Down Rathole

When are we going to learn the lessons of the Russians that Afghanistan will not be turned into a little version of ourselves. It is a backwards country that really has no desire to embrace democratic practices. If Obama wants to go catch Bin Laden, I think that could be done in a week or two if he was serious about it. Otherwise, we are just wasting the lives of more troops. Disgusting!

Reporting from Washington -- President Obama ordered his first major deployment of U.S. combat troops Tuesday, authorizing 17,000 additional soldiers and Marines for Afghanistan in what he described as an urgent bid to stabilize a deteriorating and neglected country.

The deployment will double the number of American combat brigades in the nation at a time of tension with Afghanistan's weak government over civilian casualties of the campaign against the increasingly bold Taliban, and concern over neighboring Pakistan's ability to fight Islamic militants based there.


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