Friday, August 14, 2009

More Der Manouel Nonsense

An anonymous comment was posted by someone with regard to the picture of Mr. Der Manouel which I originally used for this posting. The commenter suggested I remove the picture as a possible copyright violation. Not wanting to spend time debating the intricacies of copyright law, I am simply replacing his photo, which was quite nice in my opinion, with something a little more appropriate for the substance of his writings.

My letter makes today Bee in response to their monthly dose of unreality from Mr. Der Manouel....

More often than not these days, The Bee can be mistaken for one of those small ads wrapped up with a stone inside that are thrown into the driveway to solicit landscaping work. And yet, there is still room for column upon column of Michael Der Manouel Jr.’s drivel.

His recent diatribe [column Aug. 7] should send shivers down the back of any junior high history teacher as he misrepresents the intentions of “The Founders” of our country. Maybe Mike was sick the day they taught about George Washington and the national bank. There were two sides to the states’ rights debate, and for him to say that the founders of our country, as a group, were against a strong central government is probably making Alexander Hamilton spin in his grave.

As for the swastikas at health care forums, anyone can see them all over the Internet. For Mike to imply that they are the imaginings of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is just rubbish.

If The Bee wants to pay someone to fill space every few weeks, they should at least find someone who is not from the Victor Davis Hanson school of revisionist history. We already get enough of that!

Jeffrey W. Eisinger


At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have a copyright permit for that photo? Really? I really suggest you take the photo down tonight!!!


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