Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Rocks Fresno

Cindy came to Fresno State last night and spoke for over an hour to a supportive crowd. There were a few nuts outside the building who still are trying to rationalize Bush's lack of concern for our troops. Hopefully, they will recover from their brainwashing in the not too distant future! Cindy rightly criticized the Democrats for already backing away from impeachment before they even get the House of Representatives back. She is right that the lesser of two evils is only a little less evil. Altogether, it was an awesome night!

Here is an excerpt from the Bee article:

Inside the Satellite Student Union, Sheehan held the attention of the near-capacity and supportive crowd for more than an hour, talking about not only the loss of her son, but what she said was the loss of rights suffered by everyone in America. Before her speech, Sheehan said she wanted to tell people that one person can make a difference.

"Last summer I felt my role was to convince people that the war is a lie, based on lies," Sheehan said. "Now, I've seen polls that show most Americans believe that to be true. My job is to activate those who disagree with Bush and get them to act for peace."


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