Friday, October 13, 2006

Court Upholds Woman's Right To Protest Topless

Finally, courts are recognizing the freedom we all seek.....

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A woman, who was arrested when she exposed her breasts to protest laws that bar women from publicly going bare breasted, can demonstrate topless as part of a legitimate political protest, an appeals court has ruled.

Book's attorney, Lawrence G. Walters, said the latest ruling is a victory for his client, who set out to test laws against nudity because she believes they are unfairly applied to women.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Blast From the Past

The people. . .have been led. . into a trap from which it will be haRd to escape with honor and dignity. They have been tricked into it by a steady withholding of information. The Baghdad communiques are belated, insincere, incomplete. Things have been far worse that we have been told, administration more bloody and inefficient than the public knows. It is a disgrace to our . . . record, and may soon be too inflamed for any ordinary cure. We are today not far from a disaster - TE Lawrence, Sunday Times, London, 1920

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

83% think Bush is "hiding something or mostly lying" about Iraq

How bad can it get.....

According to a new New York Times poll, Mr. Bush’s job approval has slipped to 34 percent, one of the lowest levels of his presidency, posing a complication for the White House as it seeks to send him out on the road to rally base voters. Mr. Bush’s job approval rating has even slipped with his base: 75 percent of conservative Republicans approve of the way he has handled his job, compared with 96 percent in November 2004.

Mr. Bush clearly faces constraints as he seeks to address the public concerns about Iraq that have shrouded this midterm election: 83 percent of respondents thought that Mr. Bush was either hiding something or mostly lying when he discussed how the war in Iraq was going.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Jon Stewart hits the nail on the head again.....

In this Daily Show clip, Jon Stewart collects many instances in which Bush describes what he believes to be "his job" -- "to protect the American people" -- and what's our job ("to go about our business"). It's an hilarious and enraging segment that shows what a creature of PR messages the "President" is, and how totally empty those focus-grouped aphorisms are.