Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ted Kennedy labeled "Hostile Enemy" by Faux Newz

And some people still think this is a "news" station?????? (Mind you, this was not one of their typical loco guests, but a "news anchor"!!

Fox News Anchor Calls Ted Kennedy A ‘Hostile Enemy Right Here On The Home Front’
This morning on Fox News, anchor Gretchen Carlson called Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) a “hostile enemy” of the United States because he has demanded that Congress vote on whether to approve funding for escalation in Iraq. In an interview with White House counselor Dan Bartlett, Carlson compared Kennedy to insurgents and terrorists in Iraq, saying that Kennedy represented the same kind of force “right here on the home front.”

Monday, January 08, 2007

Caution....1984 is closer than it appears in your rearview mirror

Unbelievable that we are now living in a time when we have no right to know the laws to which we are being subjected.....

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge to federal airport regulations requiring passengers to show identification before they board planes.

The justices, without comment, let stand an appeals court ruling against Libertarian activist and millionaire John Gilmore. Gilmore wanted the court to force the federal government to disclose the policy that requires passengers to produce identification.

Unless the regulations are made public, air travelers have no way to determine if the regulations call for impermissible searches, Gilmore said in court papers. The Justice Department has said that demanding ID protects passengers' safety.