Sunday, April 04, 2010

Rovin Speaks........

Excellent letter in today's paper by local tennis whiz Bill Rovin........

When there was an initiative to establish gambling casinos in California, the Las Vegas casinos fought hard to prevent it. When we tried to ban cigarette smoking in public places, the tobacco companies fought hard to keep that from happening. Any bills to end the criminalization of marijuana usage are met head-on by the manufacturers of alcohol.

The insurance companies and pharmaceutical conglomerates spent tens of millions of dollars to convince the American people, and pressure Congress, to kill the health care reform bill. If you want to know who benefits from the passage or death of a bill or initiative, just follow the money.

Listening to political pundits, or even to so-called news programs, from any political spectrum, will most likely only give you a biased opinion. We need to take back our country from big business because their only goal is to generate more money for themselves, and they are extremely good at doing that.

Bill Rovin